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Forest Departmental Profile

The recorded forest area of the state is 6,294 km2 which constitutes 60.02% of its geographical area.

Reserved Forests constitutes 66.33%, Protected Forests constitute 33.64, Protected Forests 0.03% and Unclassed Forests constitute 33.64%.

Tripura has 2(two) National Parks and 4(four) Wildlife Sanctuaries covering an area of 603.65 km2, constituting 5.75% of the total geographical area of the state.

Forestry is one of the most important sectors to support the tribal & rural poor for subsistence, employment and household income. The people get gainful employment in implementation of Forestry Schemes and in collection of bamboo and minor forest produce and selling them In the market.

The forest based industries using bamboos, other NTFPs, and timber products are being encouraged as a permanent source of income and employment. State Government policy favors active participation and support of local communities and their grass-root representative for protection and development of forests through Joint Forests Management Committees (JFMCs) and formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) for value addition of forest products like Broom-Grass, making of Agarbatti sticks and other handicraft items and medicinal plants, herbs & also other Non Timber Forests Products (NTFPs).

Vision Statement of Forest Department :

Ever improving and sustainable flow of goods & services to the entire population with maximum livelihood opportunities consistent with conservation and enhancement of ecology and environment of the state.

Mission Statement of Forest department :

Enhancement of the social face of the forestry in Tripura through increase in Economic welfare of the population of the state.
Enhancement and improvement in forest crop composition by promoting mixed, especially indigenous species and changes in silviculture priority for meeting ecological, socio-economic and industrial needs.
Strengthening of participatory and community forest resource management.
E-governance for transparency and speedy implementation of policies, schemes and projects.

Initiatives of the present Government : Anera of Development

  Forest Wealth of Tripura

  Forest Maps

  Indo-German Development Cooperation Project

  Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Tripura Project

  Medicinal Plants of Tripura

  Forest Right Act

  Rubber Plantation by TFDPC

  Self Help Groups (SHGs) under Tripura JICA Project

  Use of Rubber Wood in Tripura


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