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Agriculture Departmental Profile

  Prior to integration of Tripura with the Indian Union 15th of October,1947, the developmental activities of agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries was being looked after by a small set up headed by one Superintendent. The Director of Agriculture was appointed for the first time in 1950. He was assisted by a handful of officers in the disciplines of agriculture, veterinary and fisheries. All located in the then “Mantri Office” now old Secretariat. Subsequently the Directorate was shifted to a building used to be known as “Lal Dalan” which was situated in the Palace compound and at present the Town Hall is situated. The Director of Agriculture functioned from this building until 1960 when it was shifted to the present premises, “Krishi Bhavan”.

In the year 1959 the discipline of animal husbandry was disassociated from the Department of Agriculture and started functioning as a separate Department. During the First Five Year Plan there was no comprehensive planning for development of Agriculture as such but the specific schemes on different subjects of Agricultural Development viz ‘ Grow More Food Campaign’, town composting, rural composting, cotton development, jute development etc. were being sanctioned by the Govt. of India along with creation of supporting staff. During this First Plan period the Govt. started nomination of selected candidate for agricultural graduates in different colleges. The first such candidate was sent to IARI, New Delhi in 1951. Thereafter it became a regular feature. The process of Plan development in agriculture started from the Second Five Year Plan onwards during which development programs for various disciplines like Crop Husbandry, Agricultural Training, Horticulture, Plant Protection, Fisheries, Soil Conservation were included and implemented. Each of these disciplines were headed by a technically qualified officer in the respective disciplines along with supporting staff. The implementation of agricultural development programs used to be done by the Block Development Officers under whom one Agri. Extension Officer along with about 10 V.L.Ws. were placed.

In the year 1963 the expansion of the Agriculture Department was done through constitution of three zones namely Central, North and South with headquarters at Agartala, Dharmanagar and Udaipur respectively. Each zone was headed by a Supdt. of Agriculture who was supported by technical officers of the respective disciplines. In the year 1970 all the three zonal offices were declared as District Offices coterminous with the Revenue Districts and each of the Districts was headed by the Deputy Director of Agriculture along with supporting technical officers and ministerial staff. The Block level set up, however, remains unchanged up to 1973. In the lattern part of 1973 for more effective implementation of the departmental activities and to ensure appropriate accountability at all levels, ten Agri. Sub-divisions coterminous with Revenue Sub-division were created headed by one Supdt. of Agriculture and each Agri-subdivision was divided into few sectors headed by a Agri Extension Officer(Sector Officer) and the entire agricultural set up which was lying under the control of Block Development Officers were placed with the Supdt. of Agriculture. This was done on the principle of single line of administration to ensure accountability at every level.

In the year 1978 the discipline of Fishery was separated from the Agriculture Department and started functioning as a independent Department.

To keep pace with the quantum of agbricultural developkment works, subsequently seven more Agri. Sub-divisions were creagted coterminous with C.D Blocks in the year 1983

In the year 1985 a separate Directorate of Horticulture and Soil Conservation was created keeping in view the immense potentiality of horticultural development as well as the need for scientific and management of land and water resources of the State.

In the year 1988 a State Land Use Board under the Department was set up headed by a Director for systematic soil survey and land use planning on scientific line.

With the creation of a new District and three Revenue Sub-divisions, the Agriculture Department has also restructure its District and sub-divisional organization.

During the past few years there had been some more restructuring of Agricultural set up in order to keep conformity with opening of new more number of Blocks.

The present agricultural organization is presented diagrammatically.

The persons who held the offices of Director of Agriculture, Director of Horticulture and Soil Conservation and Director (State Land Use Board during the last 50 years is presented at page-----


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