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How to get Farmerís Loan?

How to get Farmerís Loan?

Introduction: In India there are many loan schemes for the cultivators. There are some eligibility criteria for getting such Loan. In this case there is some subsidy on interest which is provided by NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. Out of 12% interest on the Loan amount 7% is paid by the cultivator and 5% subsidy is given by NABARD.

Eligibility Criteria for Loan under KCC.
1) The farmers whose cases are sponsored to the bank for sanction of KCC must have land document in their name (in other Word) the cultivator should be the owner of the land.
2) The applicant should not be a defaulter to any bank.
3) Credit limit is accorded on the cropping pattern for the land holding in accordance with provision of latest scale of Finance.
4) Farmers with Rain fed crop/tenant farmer/illiterate farmer are also eligible for the card. The tenant farmer should have valid document acceptable to the bank.
5) Prompt repayment of loan ensures continuity of credit.
6) Personal Accident Insurance scheme with coverage up to Rs. 50,000/= is available for each card holder with minimum premium and also eligible for the coverage under RKBY.
7) Card indicates good dealing /credit worthiness of the farmers with the bank.
8) Card is valid for 3 (three) no need for execution of the loan document every year.

Procedure: In every Subdivision of Tripura there is an Agriculture Office and there is an agricultural superintendent. There is prescribed application form for Farmer loan is available free of cost. The applicant has to fill the information in the prescribed application form with utmost care. The applicant should have land document in his/her name. If the Agriculture office is satisfied with the application and by interviewing the person then they will decide the loan amount based on the crop pattern and according to the crop the time of repayment of the loan amount is decided. After proper scrutiny the agriculture office will send the application form to the nearby nationalized bank (generally Tripura gamin bank, Tripura State cooperative bank, United Bank). If the applicant is not a defaulter to any other bank and if the bank is satisfied with the application, then they will sanction the loan.

Concerned Department / concerned officer/phone Number: Department of Agriculture /Superintendent of agriculture/ the phone numbers of different sub divisional agricultural office will be different however the Deputy Director-Agriculture of 4 districts of Tripura are as follows.

West district Ė 0381-2223302
Dhalai district- 03826-222515
North district-03822-220234 South District 03821-222248.
Time to Avail the Service: Normal Office Hours (10AM-5PM)

Forms Required: Prescribed forms are available with the Agriculture Department.

Fees Required: No fees required.

Relevant web site: http://www.agritripura.nic.in


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