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Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP)

Major & medium irrigation projects are capital-intensive in nature. The State Governments with limited resources find themselves unable to meet desired fund demands of all the projects. Therefore, the project completion gets delayed and a large number of projects in the country have spilled over from one plan to another. Further, funds spent on these projects are locked up and the country is not able to derive the desired benefits. This was a matter of grave concern for the Union Government. Against this background, the Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP) was launched by Government of India during 1996-97 to provide financial assistance to State Governments for accelerating the pace of irrigation development in the country.


The objectives of AIBP are:
I. To accelerate implementation of large irrigation projects which are beyond there source capability of the State Governments.
ii. Expeditious completion of the projects which were in advanced stage of completion.
iii. To realize bulk benefits from irrigationprojects.

Eligibility Criteria for funding
This programme was originally designed for completion of ongoing Major and Medium Irrigation projects costing more than Rs.1000 cr. where substantial progress has been made and projects where 75 % or more expenditure has been incurred that can be completed within four working seasons.

Special Category States be converted into grant. During2005-06, only grant assistance was provided and states were requested to raise the rest of the finances through market borrowing.
During 2006-07, the disbursement pattern has been modified again and central assistance is provided in the form of central grant which is 90% of project cost in case of special category states, projects benefiting drought prone area, tribal area and flood prone area and 25% of the project cost in case of non-special category states. The balance cost of the project as the state’s share is to be arranged by state government from its own resources. At present projects in KBK districts and tribal areas are availing 90% central assistance as grant.

Cost norm in AIBP needs to be enhanced and tube wells funded under AIBP for assisting next phase of development in irrigation.


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